Selling commercial TV spots can be challenging due to advertiser demands. Interactive sponsorships make it easier.

Local broadcasters today are encountering a significant challenge: selling traditional commercial spots is becoming increasingly difficult as advertisers grow skeptical of their effectiveness.

So, how does a local station convince an advertiser to invest in commercial advertising?

The key to learning how to sell more TV advertising lies in leveraging the power of interactive sponsorships.

These innovative in-broadcast segments engage viewers and serve as a focal point for commercial ad buys on local stations, compelling advertisers to purchase more spots.

By making interactive sponsorships the core of your ad packages, you create a more compelling commercial ad package, help deliver measurable results, provide a faster path to ROI, and boost your station’s ad revenue.

And even better, interactive sponsorships have a 46% close rate!*


What Are Interactive Sponsorships?

Interactive sponsorships are a new in-broadcast promotional inventory powered by Megaphone TV.

It is a live, sponsored segment in your programming that fosters dynamic interaction with viewers through live polls, quizzes, and user-generated content (UGC), all facilitated in real time via their mobile devices.

Here’s a typical example of how an interactive sponsorship segment works:

Interactive sponsorships are unique because they blend on-air brand exposure with the potential for instant leads or sales.

After participating in a live poll during a show, viewers can receive a special offer on their mobile directly from the sponsor, leading them to the sponsor’s conversion page.

Interactive sponsorships bring focus to any local station’s ad package proposal. By combining in-broadcast brand exposure, interactive content, and instant digital offers, interactive sponsorships give advertisers a focal point around which to build a commercial campaign on your station.


How Interactive Sponsorships Enhance Ad Sales

Interactive sponsorships like this example from KTAL can act as focal-point for an ad buy, presenting clients with integrated campaign strategy on your station

1. Giving Commercial Spots a Purpose

Selling commercial advertising is often challenging because advertisers hesitate with run-of-schedule (ROS) ad buys—they don’t know who will see their ads and when.

Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform solves this by offering a focal point for advertising campaigns. For example, you can provide advertisers with the first commercial spots before and after their interactive segment, guaranteeing enhanced brand awareness and message retention.


2. Improved Viewer Engagement and Message Recall


Interactive sponsorships offer advertisers increased in-broadcast brand exposure, providing a strong incentive to invest in commercial spots and enhance brand awareness further.


Interactive segments capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged in ways that standard commercial spots don’t.

Viewers participating in a live poll or quiz are more involved with a sponsor’s brand than those passively watching a commercial. This active participation makes them more receptive to the advertiser’s message, especially when repeated during commercial breaks.

This improved brand and message recall aids in the success of commercial ad buys and – ultimately – in the ability of the advertiser to realize an ROI.


3. Provide a Compelling Reason for Advertisers to Invest with YOU

Offering interactive sponsorships gives advertisers a compelling reason to invest in YOUR station.

Advertisers want campaigns that capture attention, leave a lasting impression, and deliver fast results. Interactive sponsorship helps you provide all three.

For instance, a local car dealership sponsoring a live sports poll will see viewers pay more attention to their commercials before and after the segment, creating a stronger brand association and more effective advertising campaign.


How to Sell More TV Advertising Using Interactive Sponsorship


Interactive sponsorships help increase ad package sales by providing a strong rationale for larger ad investments.


1. Select the Right Interactive Formats

Megaphone TV has dozens of interactive formats that align perfectly with any broadcast content or advertiser’s goals.

Our most popular interactive segments include:


We’ll help you choose the right interactive sponsorship format that compliments your advertiser and fits naturally within your broadcast content, enhancing rather than interrupting the viewer experience.


2. Build a Commercial Ad-Buy Strategy

Develop a commercial ad-buy strategy around your interactive sponsorship segments.

Successful campaigns typically include:

  • The first commercial after the interactive sponsorship segment
  • A greater concentration of commercial spots leading up to and following the segment
  • ROS commercials


3. Social Media Promotion

Maximize the impact of interactive segments by promoting them both on-air and via social media. Inform viewers about upcoming interactive opportunities and emphasize engagement benefits, such as exclusive offers from your advertiser. This drives viewers to advertisers’ conversion pages, enhancing the campaign’s results.


4. Native Advertising



Because viewers engage with interactive content via your website or app, encourage advertisers to purchase native advertising – or offer it as a bonus!

The more touchpoints you provide your advertiser, the greater their campaign’s success.


5. Pitch Decks that Close Deals

Never go into a pitch unprepared again.

As part of your Megaphone TV subscription, we’ll create a custom, interactive pitch deck to help you close your interactive sponsorship ad bundles.

This deck will demonstrate how interactive sponsorship works with traditional broadcast inventory to drive better results.

Our mission is to help you sell bigger ad packages.


Making Interactive Sponsorships the Focal Point of Your Advertising Strategy

Interactive sponsorships should be the centerpiece of your ad sales strategy to create a more compelling and cohesive advertising experience for clients, making it easier to sell larger ad packages.

This approach enhances viewer engagement and provides advertisers an integrated and effective way to deliver their message and get instant leads and sales.

If you’d like to learn more about interactive sponsorship or inquire about a Megaphone TV subscription, please use the form below to book your demo today.



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*Megaphone TV Studio Reports as of June 2024.