Sell Bigger Ad Packages

Megaphone TV is the #1 platform for interactive sponsorship for broadcasters of all sizes.

Start selling bigger ad packages by turning our real-time polls, Interactive30s, UGC, contests, and trivia games into attention-grabbing sponsored segments.

Sell Bigger
Ad Packages

Megaphone TV is the #1 platform for interactive sponsorship for broadcasters of all sizes.

We help you sell bigger ad packages by turning our real-time viewer polling, trivia, prediction, and UGC features into must-watch TV and sponsor-friendly content.

Why Broadcasters Choose Us.


Keep viewers glued throughout your broadcast with interactive content experiences.


Sell bigger sponsorship packages by using our interactive content as the hook to create unique advertising opportunities.


Interactive content helps broadcasters turn viewers into leads, sales, and relationships for your sponsors.

That means more renewals and revenue for you.

Creative Services

Don’t have the internal resources to create showstopping broadcast graphics? No sweat.

Our creative services team can help you with your interactive sponsorship creative needs.

Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.


#1 Question of the Day

Our most popular sponsor-friendly feature!

Transform your daily polls into sponsored Question of the Day revenue generators.

Great for brands that want high-frequency brand awareness, in-broadcast mentions and visuals, and an easy way to get up and running with your station.

#2 Interactive30s

Want to charge MORE for your commercial spots? Turn them into Interactive30s.

Interactive30s are the best of both worlds for stations looking to drive revenue. They provide your advertisers with all of the benefits of an interactive sponsorship alongside the reach of your broadcasts.

#3 UGC

Brands love feel-good content that they can associate their image with.

UGC photos and videos are a great way to give them exactly what they want.

Offer them a UGC segment of the day, and let your audience be part of your advertisers’ campaigns.

It comes with powerful moderation tools, a customizable privacy policy and usage rights, and is 100% brand safe.

#4 Contests and Giveaways

Creating excitement for advertisers is critical to their longevity as your client.

Giving them a turnkey, hands-free way to run robust contests on your station is a great way to do just that.

Whether an advertiser wants to give away a new car, a cash prize, or two tickets to a tropical vacation, our secure contest feature is the perfect solution for them.

#5 Trivia and Quizzes

Turn any live broadcast into a game that audiences can play from home.

Our turnkey sponsor-friendly trivia and quiz formats let your advertisers reap the rewards of on-air brand building while driving direct leads and sales via player participation.

Most of all, it creates a fun association with your advertiser that is critical for brand success.


Experts in Local, Sports, and National Interactive Broadcasting

Local Broadcasters
Easy Profit Center
Our sponsorship solutions and audience experiences help you improve revenues.
Sports Broadcasters
Fan Engagement Machine
Add excitement to sports shows with our sponsor-friendly fan engagement features.
National Broadcasters
Unleash Sponsorship Potential
Unlock your national audience to brands looking for digital-friendly solutions.

This is true, interconnected, seamless, and instantaneous interactivity in every sense of the word. The interactivity IS the show, constantly evolving, night after night, week after week.

Andy Cohen

Executive Producer/Host, Watch What Happens Live


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The “Question of the Day”: An Interactive Sponsorship Powerhouse

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