Unscramble All-Day Sponsorship with WordScramble

by | May 21, 2024 | Megaphone Updates, Best Practices, Interactive Sponsorship, New Feature, WordScramble

What if you could find a sponsorship vehicle that allowed you to sell sponsorship around the clock for your local TV station or broadcast?

Introducing WordScramble, Megaphone TV’s latest interactive sponsorship feature, designed to boost sponsorship revenues and push leads and sales to advertisers – all day long!

WordScramble is a fun broadcast game where audiences have to guess the correct word based on the scrambled letters they see during a sponsored segment.

It is quickly becoming our most popular interactive sponsorship featuring, helping local TV stations and broadcasters improve audience engagement while delivering an incredible sponsorship experience to brands.

We’ve put together five ways to seamlessly integrate WordScramble into your live broadcasts, tailored to optimal advertising slots and sponsors.

With WordScramble, we know you can have all-day sponsorship success while still delivering a great experience for advertisers and audiences.


Energize Mornings with Breakfast Brands

Start the day with a bang by hosting a morning WordScramble challenge sponsored by a breakfast or morning-related brand. Participants can snag instant coupons or promotions, whether it’s a local diner, a major cereal brand, or a popular coffee chain. It’s an excellent way for brands to build relationships with consumers before the distractions of the day set in.


Spice Up Lunchtime with Small Businesses

Add zest to midday broadcasts with a Lunch Break WordScramble. Viewers can unscramble words related to the sponsor’s daily specials at their restaurant or retail store, winning immediate deals and driving digital or foot traffic to the advertiser. It’s the perfect break when viewers need a distraction at work.


Score Big on Sports Coverage with Automotive Brands

Leverage the excitement of sports broadcasts to generate revenue with a WordScramble sponsored by an auto dealership. Participants can win discounts on a new car,  get a free oil change, or even be the first to test drive the latest model. This helps you instantly transform fan engagement into tangible sales opportunities for sports advertisers.


Amplify News Nights with Professional Brands

Harness the reach of your evening news broadcasts to promote professional brands effectively. WordScramble lets businesses like personal injury attorneys drive leads and sales in local markets, elevating brand visibility and awareness. It also helps them connect with more mature viewers looking for more mature brands.


Anytime, Any Brand, Interactive30s



Empower advertisers to use WordScramble at any time with Interactive30s. Any brand can embed a WordScramble game into our unique interactive 30-second commercial format, ensuring their campaign captures audiences throughout the day. Interactive30s are ideal for ROS campaigns that need to stand out from other commercial content.


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