The 4 Walls of Interactive Sponsorship

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The 4 Walls of Interactive Sponsorship Megaphone TV

Interactive sponsorship is the fastest way for your broadcast organization to increase revenues, sell more advertising, expand its inventory, AND charge a premium.

By acting as a focal point for a brand’s advertising efforts with your station, interactive sponsorship allows you to quickly and easily sell complete 360-degree campaigns.

In 2023, Megaphone TV saw an over 800% growth in interactive sponsorship adoption across all its broadcast clients.

Why? Because it helps them sell bigger ad packages and deliver immediate results to advertisers.

What does this all mean for your station? It means you can start selling MORE.

MORE sponsorships.
MORE commercials.
MORE native advertising.

If you are a broadcaster looking to turbocharge your sales revenue, our interactive sponsorship platform is exactly what you have been looking for.

What is Interactive Sponsorship?

Advertisers can now be part of branded broadcast experiences that can instantly convert viewers into leads and sales. Viewers can participate on your website or app, and results can be shown in real time on-air.

Interactive sponsorship is when an advertiser sponsors interactive content on your broadcast that your audience can participate in.

Whether it is a sports poll question, entertainment trivia, contest or giveaway, or any other of our over 40 interactive content features, interactive sponsorship is the keystone for any ad campaign.

Once the keystone is set, building a 360-degree advertising campaign on your station becomes as simple as 1, 2, 3…4!


4 Walls of Interactive Sponsorship Sales

Interactive sponsorship allows you to sell across your entire ad inventory simultaneously, increasing the value and size of your ad packages.

By providing more robust advertising offerings, you help boost your clients’ brand awareness and overall campaign results.

With our interactive sponsorship platform, you can deliver IMMEDIATE sales, leads, and conversions for your advertisers.

Let’s tour the four walls of interactive sponsorship sales and see how you can quickly boost your station’s revenues.


Wall 1: Broadcast

Interactive sponsorships often feature on-air promotions that also include significant ad buys.

An interactive sponsorship segment includes on-air billable or value-added elements, enhancing station ad campaigns.

Our platform enables you to offer a wide variety of on-air inventory, allowing your station to maximize the value of any interactive sponsorship.

Our clients’ ad packages include most, if not all, of the following broadcast components as part of an interactive sponsorship:

  • On-air sponsor Logo
  • On-air sponsor verbal mention
  • Fully branded interactive sponsorship broadcast graphics
  • Sponsored Pre-Rolls and Bumpers
  • Sponsored billboards
  • The first commercial after the segment
  • ROS commercials

These elements are not just afterthoughts of an interactive sponsorship campaign. They are all integral to highlighting the segment’s value and increasing a sponsor’s brand awareness. Building them into every interactive sponsorship helps you sell larger ad packages.


Wall 2: Mobile Experience

Megaphone TV’s mobile experience features pop-up options such as auto video play, lead capture, app download, digital coupons, and sign-up forms to meet advertisers’ campaign goals.

The mobile experience comes standard with any interactive sponsorship through the Megaphone TV platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a critical piece of your station’s inventory.

The mobile experience sets interactive sponsorship apart from other types of broadcast advertising. It allows viewers to actively participate in interactive content and is also the home of our industry-leading pop-up system. This gives your station a unique selling proposition in a competitive ad market.

After participating in a live interactive content segment, viewers can receive a digital offer instantly. This helps drive immediate conversions for your advertisers.

Our pop-up system includes several tools, including lead capture, direct sales, app download tools, and opt-in forms. These features enable you to achieve instant campaign results for your advertisers.

There are many valuable assets here to showcase to an advertising client:

  • Clickable sponsor logo
  • Pop-up commercial, lead capture, app download, sign-up, or digital offer placement
  • Branded mobile graphics
  • Direct link to an advertiser’s conversion page
  • Guarantee that their pop-up will be shown to every single participant

The mobile experience is crucial in converting viewers into results for your sponsors. Treat it as a valuable part of your inventory, and you’ll be rewarded with better-performing campaigns and advertisers that renew.


Wall 3: Your Website

Because our interactive experience lives on your website and app, native advertising becomes critical ad inventory to sell to sponsors.

You’re probably wondering what your website offers a client who wants to advertise on your station. The answer is a lot.

Your website is valuable real estate for sponsors. Being associated with it allows an advertiser to leverage your station’s reputation and goodwill to boost their brand. It connects them to your community and audience by having a relationship with a trusted news source.

Interactive advertising provides you with a vehicle for upselling your clients to:

  • Native website advertising
  • Native website video ads
  • ROS digital ads
  • Remarketing tools

Upsell your interactive sponsors on the value of your website. It’s an essential part of any campaign’s success.


Wall 4: Digital Marketing

Advertisers are obsessed with digital marketing, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, Megaphone TV helps you offer digital marketing as part of any interactive sponsorship package you sell.

We get it. There is a war of attrition happening between broadcast advertising and digital marketing.

For a long time, these two types of inventories have been treated as mortal enemies.

But that all changes with interactive sponsorship.

Because an interactive sponsorship aims to drive viewers to interactive content, social media plays a big part in the performance of any campaign. The more people participate, the more leads, sales, and conversions your advertisers will get.

Adding social marketing boosts sponsorship success and adds value to any campaign.

Using interactive sponsorship will help you sell more digital marketing:

  • X
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tik Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsletters
  • SMS
  • App Push Alerts

The more engagement you can deliver, the better interactive sponsorship will work for your clients.


Pulling it All Together

Pulling all four walls together gives you a comprehensive, repeatable advertising package that any local station can sell.

Most interactive sponsorship packages typically include the following:

Sponsored On-Air Segment

  • 3, 6 or 12-month campaign
  • Monday to Friday sponsored interactive segment
  • Sponsored full-screen graphics
  • Sponsored logo placement
  • Sponsored full-screen billboard before the segment
  • Sponsored pre-roll and bumper
  • Sponsor on-air mention before the 30s spot

30-Second Spots

  • 30-second commercials ROS
  • First position after the segment

Sponsored Digital Advertising and Marketing

  • Sponsored mobile experience
  • Sponsored pop-up for lead capture, direct sale, or app download
  • Click through to the sponsor’s conversion page
  • Sponsored native ads on your website
  • Sponsored social marketing on your social feeds
  • Sponsored newsletter inclusion
  • Sponsored SMS or app push notifications

See The 4 Walls in Action!

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