Scripps WRTV Launches 30-Second Interactive Ad Units

by | May 8, 2023 | Broadcaster Success, Interactive Sponsorship, Interactive30s, Megaphone 101, Scripps


WRTV, a Scripps station in Indianapolis, has launched its first 30-second interactive sponsorship commercial (Interactive30s) using the Megaphone TV platform.

This commercial promotes a trivia contest sponsored by Franciscan Health leading up to the prestigious Indianapolis 500. The randomly selected winner receives two tickets to the big race.

WRTV has taken the initiative to boost Franciscan Health’s brand recognition by extending interactive sponsorship beyond live broadcasts and into commercial time. This move provides various advantages, such as generating immediate leads, boosting sales, collecting valuable opt-in data, and strengthening customer engagement.

Interactive30s breaks the barriers of traditional commercial advertising and paves the way for more stations and sponsors to adopt this new category of premium commercial inventory. The potential of interactive content in a 30-second commercial is immense, with the ability to do polls, trivia, prediction games, and even the incorporation of UGC.

The interactive side of the sponsorship. Notice the lead gen, with an additional pop-up commercial after participating in the contest.

The user-friendly Megaphone TV platform allows broadcasters to execute interactive sponsorship initiatives efficiently, eliminating technical setup complexities.

Join WRTV in transforming the commercial advertising landscape and unlocking new opportunities for your station and advertisers with Interactive30s by Megaphone TV.