Scripps’ WRTV Indianapolis Boosts Commercial Advertising with Interactive30s and Sponsored UGC

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Scripps’ WRTV Indianapolis has combined Interactive30s with Sponsored UGC to create a powerful promotional vehicle for sponsor Indy Fuel Hockey.


Scripps station WRTV Indianapolis has done it again – but this time with a one-two interactive sponsorship punch!

WRTV used our Interactive30s format AND Sponsored UGC feature to create a successful interactive sponsorship and advertising campaign for Indy Fuel Hockey.


What are Interactive30s?

Interactive30s are commercials that feature our sponsor-friendly interactive content, such as polls, trivia, quizzes, and more. They allow viewers to engage via mobile devices and receive a digitally sponsored offer after participating. This leads them directly to the advertiser’s or sponsor’s conversion page, driving instant sales, leads, and opt-in data collection.


What is Sponsored UGC?

Sponsored UGC (User-Generated Content) segments are interactive segments that let viewers submit photos, videos, or comments to the station or broadcaster. They are excellent advertising and sponsorship revenue drivers, allowing entire campaigns to be built around viewers’ submissions.


How WRTV Indianapolis Used Interactive30s and Sponsored UGC for Indy Fuel Hockey

WRTV Indianapolis has been using our Interactive30s format to boost commercial advertising on its station.

Their most recent Interactive30s commercials featured Indy Fuel Hockey, a professional hockey team based in Indianapolis.


Interactive30s allow instant leads and sales generation through viewer participation, enabling entry to win tickets and immediate purchases.


What sets this Interactive30s commercial apart is how WRTV also utilized our Sponsored UGC feature, which promoted their Indy Fuel Family Photo Contest, encouraging viewers to upload a family photo to win four tickets to a hockey game.

It’s a seamless experience for the viewers and a flawless workflow for the advertiser.

But WRTV didn’t stop there!

WRTV Indianapolis incorporated our Public Albums feature into this commercial campaign, hosting all UGC submissions in a sponsored gallery on their website.


WRTV Indianapolis also took advantage of Public Albums – a UGC feature – which allowed them to host all the UGC submissions on their website as a gallery, driving additional digital ad dollars.

Indy Fuel Hockey also sponsored the Public Album, increasing its brand exposure and reach.

The campaign is a huge success, generating hundreds of submissions.

Viewers loved the opportunity to share their family photos and win tickets to a hockey game. Indy Fuel is building deeper relationships with the fans and families in their community.


How You Can Benefit from Interactive30s and Sponsored UGC

If you want to replicate the success of WRTV Indianapolis and Indy Fuel Hockey, you can use our Interactive30s format and Sponsored UGC feature to create similar campaigns for your advertisers and sponsors.

Our Interactive30s format and Sponsored UGC feature are part of the #1 interactive sponsorship platform for broadcasters. Through interactive sponsorship, we help broadcasters of all sizes generate more ad revenue and sell bigger ad packages.


How to Get Started with Interactive30s and Sponsored UGC

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