Scripps’ WRTV Indianapolis Sleighs It With Interactive30s

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Interactive Sponsorship, Interactive30s, Megaphone Updates, Scripps, Uncategorized, WRTV

Interactive30 commercial by Scripps Station WRTV and advertiser Straight No Chaser. It encourages viewers to enter a holiday music trivia contest for a chance to win free tickets to see Straight No Chaser live.


In a festive turn of events, Scripps Station WRTV Indianapolis has sleighed its broadcast revenue game with Megaphone TV’s Interactive30s.

Musical group Straight No Chaser recently leveraged this cutting-edge format to amplify their “Sleighin’ It” Christmas music tour advertising.

Why Interactive30s? It’s not just a format; it’s a game-changer for broadcasters and advertisers alike.

This innovative feature allows broadcasters to extend Megaphone TV’s signature interactive content to commercial advertisers, offering a dynamic platform to skyrocket leads and sales for their ad investments.


Interactive30s drive audience engagement and leads. In this case, viewers are able to enter to win tickets, giving the advertiser valuable opt-in data.


Unlock the Power of Interactive30s:


  1. Charge a Premium: Charge a premium for Interactive30s vs regular 30-second commercials.
  2. Instant Impact: Advertisers experience immediate results, with leads and sales flowing in during the commercial spot.
  3. Expanded Audience Reach: Elevate your broadcast game by creating additional touchpoints with your audience, ensuring a lasting impression.
  4. Versatile Options: Choose from over 40 interactive content options tailored to engage and captivate your viewers.
  5. Turnkey Broadcast Design: Enjoy complete broadcast design services, freeing you to focus on what you do best – delivering quality content.


Broadcasters, are you ready to command a premium for your commercial air time? Book a demo and discover firsthand how Interactive30s can propel you towards achieving your revenue goals.



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