The Goyas Choose Megaphone TV’s Prediction Feature to Boost Viewer Engagement

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Awards Show, Best Practices, Broadcaster Success, Competition, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Prediction | 0 comments

The 37th annual Goya Awards were recently held, and Megaphone TV was a key part of the excitement.

The Goya Awards, also known as the Premios Goya in Spanish, are Spain’s most prestigious film awards, equivalent to the Academy Awards in the United States or the BAFTA Awards in the United Kingdom.

Megaphone TV’s Prediction feature turned the event into a guessing game.

This year, the Goyas selected Megaphone TV to power a live, in-broadcast prediction game, where viewers at home could guess who would win each category.

The viewer with the most correct predictions would win free movie tickets for a year and two tickets to next year’s Goya Awards.

Players could guess right up until each award was announced live on television.

Only Megaphone TV’s real-time audience engagement platform could provide Goya’s producers with such precise gameplay control.

Thousands of home viewers played along seamlessly.

Prediction has been our most exciting new feature, allowing broadcasters and stations to turn any live event into a guessing game where viewers can win prizes.

With the Oscars and March Madness coming up, we’ve seen a major uptick in our clients rolling out prediction games similar to the Goyas.

Our Prediction feature helps boost audience engagement and viewer retention and is sponsor-friendly, turning it into a revenue source for stations – not just a fun game for viewers.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Goya Awards and the viewers who played along at home!