WFSB Ice Cream Contest Scoops 40,000 Votes

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Best Practices, Competition, Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

There’s one thing we discovered this summer that we never realized before: Connecticut really, really likes ice cream.

We don’t just mean they enjoy the occasional scoop.

We also don’t just mean they have their favorite flavor.

The good people of Hartford have serious opinions about who has the best ice cream in the city.

After a summer of inflation pain, threats of World War III, and a grueling off-season election on the horizon, one local station decided to lighten things up for their audience.

Over the past several weeks, Megaphone TV client and Gray station WFSB in Hartford asked their viewers to put their engagement where their mouth is and vote for the best ice cream in town.

What everyone expected to be a fun distraction from scandal-filled news cycles turned into a passionate referendum on who had the best scoop in the city.

WFSB promoted their Ice Cream Social contest throughout their broadcasts, and people voted IN THE THOUSANDS.

In the end, just three ice cream shops remained:

  1. The Big Dipper

  2. Collins Creamery

  3. Ferris Acres Creamery

When the final votes were counted – more than 40,000 – only one remained.

The people of Connecticut had spoken.

The best scoop in the city belongs to Collins Creamery.

Congratulations to Collins Creamery for the victory and to WFSB for running this sweet contest.