JTV’s Jelly Bean Jar Bling

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Best Practices, Broadcaster Success, Competition, Megaphone Updates, Products | 0 comments

Broadcasters sometimes believe that audience engagement needs to be complicated.

JTV – an American broadcaster devoted to the buying and selling of jewelry- knows the truth.

Audience engagement is at its best when it’s fun, easy to understand, and simple to participate in.

We were thrilled to see JTV use our “Jelly Bean Jar” feature on one of their recent broadcasts.

The Jelly Bean Jar is audience engagement at its most simple: show an image of a lot of things and let your viewers guess how many items there are.

It’s a classic childhood game, but JTV put a unique twist on it.

In this case, JTV created a “Patriotic Parcel” filled with red, white, and blue gems valued at $2000.

They asked their viewers to guess how many gems were in the Patriotic Parcel, and the closest guess won all of them.

Fun? Yes.

Easy to understand? Yes.

Simple to participate in? Because JTV is a Megaphone TV subscriber, the answer is TOTALLY!

Using Megaphone TV’s web integrations, JTV broadcast a QR code that led viewers directly to the website page where they could enter their information and guess.

JTV’s audience loved it, and the contest saw great engagement metrics.

And in case you were wondering, there were 6099 gems in the parcel.