Abortion Bombshell Sets Interactive Journalism into Overdrive

by | May 9, 2022 | Best Practices, Megaphone Updates, Responsive Reporting | 0 comments

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Last week brought bombshell revelations as word leaked from the Supreme Court that a significant upheaval may be on the horizon for abortion laws.

The shock of an imminent reversal in the decades-old Roe v Wade case – and the scandal behind the leak that led to the disclosure – sent interactive journalism into overdrive.

Stations across America immediately turned to our audience engagement platform to ensure their viewers’ opinions were heard.

Megaphone TV subscribers anchored their broadcasts with our real-time viewer polling technology to bring citizens into the conversation.

To make voting more accessible, many broadcasters integrated QR codes into their broadcast graphics.

The result was record audience participation across our news clients, as their audiences voiced their shock, concerns, and outrage.