Nexstar Knows How to Engage Their Audience

by | May 11, 2022 | Best Practices, Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster | 0 comments

Anytime one of our clients does something great, we want to share it with everyone.

One of our awesome newest Nexstar subscribersWNCT Greensville – recently launched with us and wanted to get their viewers excited about using Megaphone TV.

But they weren’t satisfied with jumping straight into a live poll.

Instead, WNCT did something we hope all clients do: hype up your audience!

They’ve branded WNCT interactive content as VOTE NOW ON 9 and cut a fantastic promo introducing it to their audience, showed them how to use it, why the station is adopting it, and why it is a lot of fun.

These kinds of videos are critical to the success of any audience engagement initiative.

Anytime you introduce a new way for viewers to connect with you, it’s essential to educate your audience on what, when, why, and how.

Check out the video to see how you can get your viewers eager to engage with your interactive content.

Well done, WNCT!

We give your promo a perfect score! Five gold megaphones!