It’s Time to Start Using QR Codes

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Our subscribers often ask us if QR codes are worth the extra effort to set up and track.

And our answer is always the same: YES!

By using QR codes during broadcasts, stations can turn on-air viewers into online conversions.

Strategically deploying QR codes can drive your audiences to any digital property, advertisement, or promotion.

Doing this helps improve your audience engagement and opens new opportunities for sponsorship and revenue generation.


What are QR Codes?

You’ve seen them everywhere, but what are they exactly?

QR codes are those black and white, square graphics that resemble funny-looking bar codes.

They are explicitly designed to work with mobile devices.

When scanned with a phone’s camera, they help initiate a digital experience.

A QR code can take a viewer to a website, an image, a video, or any other digital asset.

LEX18 created a fullscreen graphic to encourage qr code usage

The QR code is visible for all their news polling

In short: QR codes make it easy for people to go where you want them to be – without the need to manually type a website address.

In that sense, they are effective tools because they remove people’s need to type and remember specific URLs.

And the best thing? QR codes work great with Megaphone TV’s interactive audience engagement platform!


Use QR Codes to Improve Your Audience Engagement Metrics


Make it easier for people to participate in your Megaphone TV votes and polls and watch your results improve. That’s what using QR codes can do for you.

If you want to see increases in your audience engagement numbers for your on-air polls, one of the easiest things you can do is add a QR code to your on-screen graphics.


KOAM Loves QR codes so much that they have their own custom one!

Right now, many Megaphone TV subscribers provide a website URL for their votes and polls.

But, even to your most loyal viewers, your station website address may read like a disconnected string of letters and numbers. To ask viewers to remember the specific domain to go to and vote may be asking too much.

By adding a QR code to your on-air poll, all viewers need to do is hold their mobile device up, and they will be directed to your voting page! There’s nothing for them to remember, and you don’t have to worry about people mistyping the address.


QR Codes are Advertiser-Friendly

Unlike the conventional, basic, and static TV displays, QR codes provide an engaging interface to hook viewers throughout a sponsorship opportunity.

Encouraging the use of QR codes by your sponsors – and deploying them for all sponsored Megaphone TV segments – will boost participation and provide your advertisers with accurate data on how many people engaged.

QR codes integrated with Megaphone polling drive NBC Sports Washington’s sponsorship campaign with Volkswagen.

Target sponsored Telemundo’s QR code-driven audience polling.

Advertisers and sponsors are always looking for metrics to justify ad spend.

Because QR codes can deliver reports on how many times they were scanned, it can show your advertisers just how active your viewers were in their sponsored content.

QR codes also work perfectly with Megaphone TV’s monetization features.

Before, during or after a vote or poll, viewers can be redirecting to commercials, offers, app downloads, and lead capture forms.

If you have sponsors with e-commerce platforms, making it easy for people to participate in interactive segments is an excellent way to drive impulse purchasing.

In short, QR codes can increase the value of a sponsorship spot for your advertisers and increase your value to them!


The Secret to Success: Educate Your Audience About QR Codes

While QR codes have been around for a while, not everyone knows how they work.

If you want to get the most from QR codes – for your station and your sponsors – it’s essential to teach your audience how to use them correctly. 

Spend a few seconds to show your viewers how to scan a code with their phone or mobile device. Show them how easy and fun it is.

fox6 has created an entire graphic to educate viewers on how to use qr codes.

The more excited your audience is to use QR codes, the more significant the ROI for any of your QR code initiatives!

All Megaphone broadcast graphics contain QR Code locations for display.

If you need help using QR codes with Megaphone TV, just scan the QR code at the top of the page!