Megaphone TV Launches in Ireland on The Tonight Show

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Best Practices, Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Responsive Reporting | 0 comments

Dia dhuit, Éire!

Megaphone TV launched recently on Virgin Media Ireland on their panel show, The Tonight Show, hosted by Ciara Doherty.

Megaphone TV was used to poll home viewers on one of the most pressing issues facing the good people of Ireland: would they support taxing child benefits if it meant higher payments for the less well-off?

We love this use of Megaphone TV’s audience engagement platform because it draws home viewers into live discussions and helps panel shows respond to viewers’ thoughts on issues in real-time.

By leveraging audience sentiment for on-air content, The Tonight Show opens itself to have a conversation with viewers at home – not just each other on stage.

Live panel shows – like The Tonight Show – are ideal platforms for real-time audience engagement and interactive sponsorship because viewers are glued to the content, highly focused on the discussions, and want to voice their opinions on the topics.

We’re thrilled to be part of the rich history of Irish broadcasting – and to make history with The Tonight Show!