📣 High School Football 101

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Local broadcasters across the country use Megaphone to engage High School Football fans … and generate revenue in the process.

For anyone who missed our recent High School Football webinar, below are some of our favorite examples of how Megaphone can be used to make your coverage more interactive, encourage participation and expand your social reach.

Game of the Week

📣 Long-running polls

Open your Game of the Week poll on Sunday or Monday and announce the candidates in broadcast

📣 Create force-tune by teasing that the winner will be announced in a specific broadcast  (ie. Thursday morning)

Play of the Week

📣 WSOC Charlotte 

High School Football Extra lets viewers vote for the Play of the Week

Use Megaphone as a Viewer Retention Tool 

  • Poll is opened in the A block and teased throughout the show

  • Winner is revealed at the end of the show

Band of the Week

📣 WCMH Columbus sends a reporter to tape rehearsal, generating excitement 

📣 The poll is introduced in the 4pm newscast and teased until the results are revealed at 6pm

📣 The VJ streams the winning school’s halftime show on Facebook Live

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Mega-Tip: Social Voting

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