Megaphone TV Helps Telemundo Get Over 100 million Votes For Two New Hit Reality Shows

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Voting time on La Casa de los Famosos

Big Numbers for Big Shows

Megaphone TV helped NBCUniversal-owned Telemundo set new heights on audience engagement by getting over 100 million votes on two new hit reality TV shows.

This is how we did it.

The Challenge:

When Telemundo decided to launch two new reality shows, Asi Se Baila and La Casa De Los Famosos, they wanted to do something different.

Telemundo wanted viewers to vote for the winners and even vote on the shows’ content –all in real-time.

The problem? They had no way to handle that level of audience participation.

So they selected Megaphone TV and our scalable, real-time audience engagement platform to handle all audience voting across multiple platforms and timezones.

Xfinity came onboard as a major sponsor for Asi Se Baila

The Requirements:

Coming off our tremendous success with audience participation on Univision’s Mira Quién Baila -another highly-rated reality show that encouraged audience participation -Megaphone TV was the obvious choice for Telemundo.

But Telemundo wanted to raise the stakes.

  • They wanted audiences to not only vote for winners but vote to control the content of the shows -in real-time!

  • They committed to aggressively marketing these votes on all their social channels.

  • They needed plenty of opportunities for sponsorships and brand tie-ins.

  • They required QR code integration for easy voting.

Megaphone TV could do everything that Telemundo asked.

But we were surprised by the overwhelming audience response.

Telemundo heavily promoted votes across all their social channels.

The Result:

Telemundo deployed our scalable real-time audience engagement system to help maximize voter participation.

  • They used our integrated QR code technology to make it easier for viewers to vote instantaneously.

  • They heavily promoted audience voting: on-air, through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • And people started voting -by the MILLIONS.

So many votes were being cast so quickly that we had to scale our platform bigger than we ever thought possible to ensure the maximum number of interactive participants for each show. 

And the results? Watch for yourself:

The night the results were revealed on La Casa de los Famosos.

  • Viewers cast over 100 million votes across both shows (and counting!)

  • Target, Xfinity and Zelle joined as premier sponsors. 

  • Both Asi Se Baila and La Casa De Los Famosos became two of Telemundo’s most-watched series.

The Bottom Line:

The Megaphone TV team is thrilled to be part of these unique reality show experiences. 

They’re fun. They’re exciting. And they show the potential of what audience engagement can do for both broadcast ratings and revenue.

Plus, it proved that Megaphone TV is the audience engagement platform that can handle the scale of what Telemundo was demanding.

When broadcasters like Telemundo need audience engagement and sponsorship magnets at scale, they turn to the leader of interactive audience broadcast technology: Megaphone TV.

We can’t wait to see what Telemundo throws at us next season. We’re ready to meet the challenge!