3 Ideas For 2020 Election Coverage

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Stations across America are using Megaphone to give voters a voice


Live polls allow your audience to participate in the political discourse and identify the issues that matter the most to them. Polls that discuss national politics consistently drive the highest engagement across the country and we have already seen from the first Presidential Debate that the 2020 Election cycle is generating record engagement in diverse markets across the country. 

Below you will find our expert advice for debate coverage.

Link: Megaphone 101: Election Playbook 

PRE-DEBATE: Predictions and Priorities

Your pre-debate coverage should examine both the issues that concern the voters and the stakes for both of the candidates.

  • What issues do you want to see debated?

  • Who do you think will be the big winner?

  •  Who has the most riding on tonight’s debate?


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DURING THE DEBATE: Virtual Town Hall

Megaphone allows you to create a second-screen experience during marquee events, including debates.

  • Pro-Tip: Use Push-Alerts to drive traffic to your website and promote your post-debate coverage

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POST-DEBATE: Reaction and Analysis

Your post-debate coverage should tap into the social conversation and gauge instant reaction from your viewers. Next-day coverage should offer more nuanced discussion and look ahead. 

  • Who won the debate? Why?

  • Did the debate change your opinion?

  • What moment/issue stood out?

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Megaphone’s suite of Pop-Up Offers allow you to provide your viewers with valuable resources as soon as they vote in a poll. Direct them to your station’s Election Guide or even Register to Vote.

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This election cycle promises to be different. We have already seen socially-distanced debates and town halls. To aid in your remote production, Megaphone has introduced StreamClick Studio, a professional broadcast tool for use in creating live and recorded broadcasts during the social distancing era.

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Starter Packages now FREE to active subscribers

WMAZ Macon used StreamClick, to live stream their recent mayoral debate.

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Video: WMAZ Macon Mayoral Debate

StreamClick provides ultra-low latency virtual cameras and is flexible enough to be used in live-streamed or recorded programming. It also has a feature-set designed for broadcast professionals that includes: