Interactive Storytelling For Debate Night Coverage

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Best Practices, Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Megaphone TV can help set your news coverage apart from the competition by creating interactive storytelling moments and giving your viewers a voice. As newsrooms prepare for Wednesday’s potential VP Debate, below are some helpful tips from newsroom leaders for winning Debate Night coverage.

Megaphone polling gives your viewers a voice in the democratic process. Polls that discuss national politics consistently drive the highest engagement across the country. Below are a few questions you can use to engage your audience before and after the debates:

Pre-Debate: Predictions and Priorities

  • What issues do you want to see debated?

  • Who do you think will be the big winner?

  • Who has the most riding on tonight’s debate?

Post-Debate: Reactions

  • Who won the debate? Why?

  • Did the debate change your opinion?

  • What moment/issue stood out?

  • How have you been affected by the issues?

At Megaphone, our research teaches us Strong Opinion = Strong Response. To win the election coverage in your market:

Rule #1   Don’t shy away from controversy

  • By definition, a poll seeks an opinion so ask questions that will generate strong opinions 

  • The more controversial, the better (weaker questions = weaker response)

Rule #2   Tap into Emotional Reactions

  • Why are Trump polls so successful? He strikes people at an emotional level

  • Remember: Outrage isn’t the only emotion. Fun is an emotion.

Rule #3   Know Your Audience

  • Ask questions that resonate with your viewers

  • Tap into strong local opinions

Pro Tip:   Look to Social Media

  • Look at your stories online (especially Facebook)

  • What’s getting a reaction? What are people discussing in the comments?

Megaphone TV’s participation technologies allow you to gather the opinions of your audiences from all sides of the political spectrum on both your linear broadcasts and on social channels through Facebook and Twitter.