Interactive Sports Is A Slam Dunk For Local TV

by | May 17, 2019 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone 101, Megaphone Updates, Sports | 0 comments

Local news stations across the country are scoring points with viewers and advertisers by integrating MEGAPHONE TV’s industry-leading suite of interactive polling and trivia products into their sports coverage. MEGAPHONE TV gives a voice to the most fervent fans in your community, allowing them to interact and share their hottest takes on national and local sports in real-time.

Sports polling and trivia also creates an additional revenue stream for local newsrooms. Sponsors are looking for consistent interaction with engaged viewers while avoiding editorial conflicts. Interactive sports offers the perfect solution for eager clients. Moreover, Megaphone’s new suite of game-changing Pop-up Offers directly connects your audience to your clients’ digital properties, turning viewers into consumers.

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