WFMY Holds North Carolina Politician’s Feet to the Fire Based on Interactive Audience Results

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Best Practices, Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, Video | 0 comments

With medical marijuana being a national hotbutton issue, WFMY has used the Megaphone TV participation platform to drive “responsive reporting” across two in depth segments.

First, in a 10 minute interactive segment anchors provided audiences with a variety of information through packages and in-studio reporting. The audience opinion was continuously measured and displayed live on air, as viewers could change their minds as they learned more. While 71% of viewers in the WFMY market supported outright legalization, an additional 16% said it should only be used for medicinal purposes, totaling 87% of respondents favoring changes in current laws.

To follow up on this result, WFMY’s Ben Briscoe posted the results of this vote on the WFMY Facebook page, tagged all relevant local lawmakers, and spent the entire next day following up with them by phone to get their thoughts. This work was captured as time lapse, and included in Briscoe’s segment the following night.

Megaphone TV consider’s this to be a shining example of “responsive reporting,” where viewers at home help to drive news coverage based on their opinions. This was WFMY’s first night using the Megaphone TV platform, and we commend WFMY for their creativity and flawless delivery of a new type of news media.

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