Megaphone TV’s Live Audience Participation Technologies featured in KUSA-TV Denver’s 2016 Colorado GOP U.S. Senate Debate

NEW YORK (April 5, 2016) – Megaphone TV’s Emmy(R)-award winning technologies brought the Colorado electorate directly into 9News’ First 2016 debate featuring the eight leading Republican candidates for U.S. Senate. 

During the April 5 one hour commercial-free debate, moderated by 9News anchor Kyle Clark and political reporter Brandon Rittiman, candidates answered timely questions with topics ranging from the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, whether women should have the right to choose an abortion, and support of Donald Trump as a possible GOP Presidential nominee in 2016.

The KUSA-TV Colorado audience had an opportunity to answer questions on timely topics along with the candidates.  The audience voted 56%-44% in favor of supporting ground troops to fight ISIS and 65%-45% in favor of deporting illegal immigrants even if they have not committed a crime.

During a brief intermission, through an instant live poll, the audience had a say on which question should be asked as the first one in the second half of the debate. Passing over “Donald Trump” and “immigration” as options, the audience instead opted to have a question on “national security” asked of the candidates.

“Our live interactive participation technologies are a perfect fit for politics and debates this election season,’ said Dan Albritton, CEO and Founder of Megaphone TV.  “We’re thrilled that the Colorado electorate was heard loud and clear during this debate, and took a direct role in selecting questions for the candidates that have immediate importance to Colorado voters.” 

Megaphone TV is the first Participation Entertainment Studio, created to meet the rapidly changing viewing habits of consumers worldwide.  Megaphone enhances the viewer experience through live personalized and targeted entertainment capabilities that ultimately increase ratings and add potential revenues for broadcasters. Through unique features such as interactive on-air graphics, live syncing with broadcast content, as well as relevant and actionable ads tailored to any show, Megaphone creates a new type of experience and has successfully engaged the viewers of top broadcasters including Bravo, Fox News, E!, and AMC.  Megaphone also collaborates with production studios such as Fremantle Media to develop and product inherently interactive programs that viewers love.