Product Profile: Megachatter

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Best Practices, Megaphone Updates, Products | 0 comments

An overview of “Megachatter.”

Megachatter is a Twitter-based chat along product for the second screen.   It runs during your program and features Megaphone interactivity.

It appears directly within your broadcaster’s site on a computer…. or tablet.

Open a new communication channel to your audience and keep the social conversation on your website. 

Keep your audience engaged during your broadcast by sending poll questions and enhanced information about a story, and finish the broadcast with a trivia game.  

Your audience reacts in real time to the stories you’re presenting, and keeps them connected between interactive events.  This helps build a community and invites your audience to become repeat viewers.

The viewers’ messages are also posted to Twitter, linked to your station’s user name, hashtags, and branding.  

Each tweet, which never appears on air, can be moderated, instantly deleted, and runs through a filter of over 10,000 bad words.   

“Megachatter” creates a dynamic second screen companion experience every Saturday morning on WNBC’s “Today In New York,”

During a Megaphone trivia experience, activity increases as players share their instant reactions, scores, and final standing.  

The community of engaged viewers of WNBC’s “Today In New York” has spawned its own Facebook group.  Moderators keep the group members informed on when the next experience is coming up.

Megachatter is a great companion experience which enhances your show, keeps viewers engaged for the entire broadcast, and keeps the conversation going long after your broadcast is over.