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by | Jan 11, 2024 | Interactive Sponsorship, Megaphone Updates, New Feature, Products, Sponsorship & Advertising

Megaphone TV’s new optimized interactive sponsorship template provides sponsors with more space to create an impact without compromising the interactive experience for audiences.


At Megaphone TV, we’re all about optimizing the revenue potential of interactive sponsorship for our broadcast clients. That’s why we always strive to improve interactive sponsorships to meet the demands of sponsors.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a BRAND-NEW optimized interactive sponsorship template designed for maximum impact and maximum results.


Maximum Impact, Maximum Results

Our new optimized interactive sponsorship template is full-screen. This means it has been designed to maximize visual real estate for sponsors while ensuring an engaging experience for television audiences.

In the world of advertising, visibility is synonymous with success. With our new template, sponsors have greater creative freedom to showcase their brand, product, or service, increasing brand awareness and exposure.

And when combined with our new multiple offers feature, this means more leads, more opt-ins, and more sales for advertisers.

Our new sponsorship template offers more space for logos, brand images, and calls to action. It can also be customized to match a sponsor’s brand colors and fonts (for an additional fee.)


Premium Experience, Premium Results

A great sponsorship experience starts with excellent audience engagement.

Our new optimized interactive sponsorship theme strikes the perfect balance, delivering a top-tier interactive sponsorship built on a great viewership experience. It’s a win-win-win for broadcasters, sponsors, and audiences.


Zero Additional Cost

Good news!

Our new interactive sponsorship theme is part of your Megaphone TV subscription at no additional cost. (If you want special customization, there may be an additional fee.) It’s our commitment to empowering our clients to generate as much revenue as possible. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of creating better-performing interactive sponsorship campaigns.


See it in Action. Book a Demo Today

If you want to maximize the potential of interactive sponsorships for your broadcasts, our optimized interactive sponsorship template is a game-changer. See how we can transform your interactive sponsorship strategy and elevate your ad revenue.

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