Multiply Your Revenues with Megaphone TV’s New Multi-Pop-up Feature

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Megaphone Updates, Multi-Offer, New Feature, UGC

Our digital offers have gotten a BIG upgrade, allowing you to include multiple pop-ups in a single interactive engagement.


Our latest feature upgrade takes digital offers (you know them as our famous pop-ups) and turns them into a revenue multiplier.

You can now seamlessly integrate multiple sponsored pop-up offers into a single mobile experience.

This means sponsors can strategically place pop-ups before and after each interactive engagement to drive better campaign results.


Maximize Sponsor Impact: Pre and Post-Pop-ups

Pre-Pop-up Excitement: Before viewers dive into interactive content, sponsors have a prime moment for brand exposure, to deliver an important message, or to let viewers know there’s a special offer waiting for them once they are finished participating.

Post-Pop-up Conversion: Sponsors get another golden opportunity after the interactive engagement. A post-pop-up can guide participants directly to the sponsor’s conversion page. It’s instant, targeted, and designed for maximum impact.


Why This Matters:

It’s the perfect tool to skyrocket your ad revenue.

More pop-ups mean more sponsorship opportunities. Each additional touchpoint is a chance to capture leads, drive e-commerce sales, and enhance brand visibility for your advertisers.


It Even Works in UGC!


Our multi-pop-up feature now allows for digital offers when using UGC, unlocking the untapped revenue potential of these authentic, user-created moments.

Our most popular new feature  РUGC Рis becoming a big hit with sponsors. Now, you can add multiple offers to any UGC campaign, including after a user submits content to a sponsored campaign!

This is a great way to convert the excitement of a UGC campaign into instant leads and sales for your sponsors!


Your Wins:

  • Double Exposure: Sponsors enjoy two new strategic touchpoints in a single viewer interaction.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Pre and post-pop-ups create a fully branded experience, keeping viewers engaged.
  • Immediate Results: Post-pop-ups direct participants to conversion pages, driving instant action.


Your Next Step:

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