17 Million Votes Later, Did Megaphone TV Just Help Launch The Next BTS?

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Broadcaster Success, Competition, Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

The viewers of ABS-CBN’s new talent competition show, Dream Maker, have spoken—more than 17 million times, to be exact.

In four public votes held after Dream Maker’s weekly singing and dancing performances, fans used Megaphone TV to decide who would be eliminated and who would stay on to chase their dream of becoming a pop idol.

On February 12, in an intense live finale, fans chose the official members of HORI7ON—now the latest idol group hoping to follow in the illustrious footsteps of Korean pop sensation BTS.

Are HORI7ON’s dreams too big? Don’t be so sure. ABS-CBN partnered with top Korean music agency MLD Entertainment to produce Dream Maker. Yes, the MLD Entertainment, whose 2016 show Finding Momoland created Momoland, one of the biggest pop-idol groups of all time in any country.

Dream Maker’s 26-episode season was an arduous journey for winners Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston. Weekly eliminations were nerve-wracking for fans. But for Megaphone TV, who powered the public voting system for the show, it was just another day at the office.

“We knew we were ready,” said Megaphone TV’s Chief Product Officer Colin Moock. “When the stakes are this high, failure is not an option. It all comes down to preparation. We had huge capacity in place for the big event.”

Megaphone TV is an industry-standard for viewer-voting experiences in competition and reality shows. Moock says reliability is vital for high-stakes franchises like Dream Maker, The Masked Singer Brasil, La Casa de Los Famosas (Celebrity Big Brother), and Nickelodeon’s NFL Nickmas – all of which depend on Megaphone TV for mission-critical audience engagement.

“For the show’s producers, contestants, and most importantly, fans, we know everything’s riding on that nail-biting moment when the polls open. The vote must go on. It’s our job to guarantee that it does. We let broadcasters focus entirely on producing an unforgettable show without worrying about the underlying technology.”

In Dream Maker’s early elimination rounds, ABS-CBN used Megaphone TV’s multi-ballot voting feature to allow viewers to submit up to 100 votes, with a 5-second waiting period between votes. “Voting 100 times really draws people in. It builds passion and excitement and lets fans express their devotion to their favorite performers. More votes also means more engagement and longer dwell times. Those are key objectives for content producers,” Moock said. “But of course, the vote has to be tamper-proof, so we also enabled SSO for this event, which helps ensure valid results by requiring users to sign into a Google or Facebook account to cast their vote.”

Megaphone TV’s CEO, Dan Albritton, agrees. “Voting integrity is one of our pillars, along with reliability, scale, and ease of use. We’re proud that ABS-CBN relied on us to deliver those capabilities. You can’t do a show like Dream Maker without them,” said Albritton.

In the second-last round of voting, Dream Maker used Megaphone TV’s multi-selection voting feature to let viewers choose all seven members of the final pop-idol group. According to Moock, the result was contagious.

“When you, the viewer, get to pick the entire group, you feel the thrill and the pressure of being an actual judge, like the ones on stage. And the fact is, you really are a judge, which is why it’s so powerful. Choosing the full group drives appointment viewing. You can’t resist tuning in to see if the members you picked won, how they compare to the popular vote, and whether they match the professional judges’ picks.”

Now that Dream Maker has wrapped, ABS-CBN and Megaphone TV are looking to the future. “We’re already working with ABS-CBN on The Voice Kids Philippines, which I think could be a perfect fit for our UGC and Prediction experiences,” said Moock.

“Imagine you, the home viewer, get to submit an audition right from your phone. Or imagine predicting weekly outcomes between show episodes and maybe winning tickets to the show’s finale. Those experiences are available today, out of the box, to all of Megaphone TV’s broadcaster partners. It sounds crazy, but UGC and Prediction can be added to a show in minutes. They supercharge the fun.”

ABS-CBN shares the sentiment. “Megaphone TV is team-oriented and works effectively with us despite our time difference. They can still deliver improvements and accommodate our requests,” said Jane Aquino, Technical Business Analyst at ABS-CBN. Aquino believes empowering the home viewer with Megaphone TV is a winning formula.

“Megaphone TV’s voting system has contributed greatly to the success of Dream Maker,” said Aquino. “We achieved the goals of satisfying our stakeholders and allowing the audience to interact and play an active role in determining the outcome of the Dream Maker competition.” For Megaphone TV, that “active role” is what it’s all about.

HORI7ON’s debut is slated for June 2023 in Korea.