Nexstar FOX 24 Fayetteville launches with Megaphone TV… and interactive sponsorship!

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Broadcaster Success, FOX, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Nexstar, Sports | 0 comments

It’s always fantastic to celebrate a new Megaphone TV client launch.

It’s even more impressive when they launch with an interactive sponsor.

FOX 24 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, launched with us recently with an interactive sponsorship for their Big Game Poll sponsored by Indigo Sky Casino.

No surprises; the topic was all about the upcoming Super Bowl.


The Branded Mobile Experience.


FOX 24 is the latest FOX affiliate to find success with interactive sports sponsorship.

Interactive sports sponsorships are turning out to be huge revenue drivers for Megaphone TV clients, and casinos are proving reliable advertisers for local stations.

We’re thrilled that FOX 24 has hit the ground running with Indigo Sky Casino and us.