Prediction is Here!

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Megaphone Updates, Prediction, Products | 0 comments

The team at Megaphone TV has been working overtime to deliver – what we know – will be a great new feature for our subscribers.

Today we launch Prediction.

With Prediction, you can turn any live event into a guessing game for your fans and viewers to participate in.

Prediction’s premise is simple: any event where the outcome is not known ahead of time can be turned into a game where viewers can predict the results.

open new doors for sponsorship, and drive better audience engagement with PREDICTION.

Gameplay takes place on viewers’ mobile devices or desktops, with results instantly available to be broadcast on-air or displayed online via the built-in leaderboard functionality.

Prediction games can be created, managed, and deployed entirely within Megaphone TV’s platform without additional hardware or software.

Prediction games can be created for any content:

And the best part?

Prediction is included with your Megaphone TV subscription!

There are no additional fees to start creating wildly addictive content for your viewers and highly engaging opportunities for your sponsors.