Megaphone TV Powers The Wildest Gameshow in the World

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“It’s Showtime” is an excellent example of how Megaphone TV’s audience engagement platform can be used to create new, successful, ad-friendly HIT shows quickly and easily

Megaphone TV powers a lot of great shows.

Sports shows.

News shows.

Talk shows.

Reality shows.

Well, we can add another show to our list of accomplishments: the wildest game show in the world.

Today, we want to tell you how we helped power an obscure rebel game show called “It’s Showtime” to become the biggest hit show in the Philippines.

ABS-CBN Had an Idea

ABS-CBN -a broadcaster in the Philippines known for outrageous and groundbreaking content- had an idea for a game show where the viewing audience became as much a part of the competition as the contestants on-screen.

Imagine Family Feud if the contestants were a group of in-studio players competing against thousands of viewers at home for a cash prize.

To make it work, ABS-CBN needed a partner that could provide real-time, interactive audience participation with up-to-the-millisecond results and data.

They also required a platform that could hold up to the enormous success they hoped this show would reach.

Naturally, they chose Megaphone TV.

“It’s Showtime” Becomes A Big Hit

The show ABS-CBN launched is called “It’s Showtime,” an outrageously fun variety show featuring dancers, comedians, and drag-queens – and a host, Vice Ganda, who happens to be all three.

This is how the game works:

  • Like Family Feud, in-studio contestants must guess the majority answer to a poll question.

  • For each poll question, the viewing audience uses Megaphone TV to answer.

  • Each poll question has a specific cash value associated with it.

  • If an in-studio player’s guess matches that of the majority of the home viewers’, the cash prize will be added to the pot of the studio players.

  • If the contestants guess wrong, the cash prize will be added to the pot available to home viewers.

  • At the show’s end, a home viewer is chosen at random to win whatever prize money is available in their pot.

Megaphone TV helps make this all work by:

  • Delivering audience answers instantly to the producers “It’s Showtime” -live on air!

  • Providing seamless participation across mobile, tablet and computers

  • Integrating QR code technology for easy voting

All of this has propelled “It’s Showtime” to become one of the biggest hits in the Philippines.

How Big? Really Big. Almost 2 Million Participants, Big.

The interactive segments on “It’s Showtime” have become a viral sensation across the Philippines and attracted record viewers and unprecedented audience participation.

Nearly 2 million unique users have played along with “It’s Showtime”‘s interactive segments.

“It’s Showtime” is an excellent example of how Megaphone TV’s audience engagement platform can be used to create new, successful, ad-friendly shows quickly and easily.

With a bit of effort, a lot of creativity, and Megaphone TV as their partner, ABS-CBN has created a hit show transforming television content in the Philippines.

We’re excited to see what ABS-CBN will do next with our real-time audience engagement platform!

Whatever it is, we know it will be wild!