Industry Trend: Interactive Sponsorships with Football Coverage

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One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for 2021 is the adoption of Interactive Sponsorships/Advertising by brands and agencies around the country. Broadcasters have packaged Interactive Campaigns in a variety of ways. The most proven campaign delivering results is a simple formula:

  • Branded Megaphone poll, trivia, or social comment content w/sponsor logo

  • Billboard and/or promo as a lead-in/lead-out of a segment

  • Pop-up offer directing viewers to an advertiser’s website or content

  • Verbal broadcast mention by an anchor: “Tonight’s interactive content is brought to you by Ford”

  • Add :15s or :30s spotbank to deliver addition value

Below is a breakdown of MegaStars WOIO Cleveland 19’s weekly playbook during football season.

 WOIO Cleveland 19 scored a touchdown with their Fall ‘21 football coverage. Their weekly Cleveland Browns Tailgate show features live polls, sponsored by The Hooley House Sports Pub. Their sponsorship package includes: 

➢ Logo placement

➢ Pop-up offer (that helps fans order food during the big game)

➢ In-show Billboard

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For the extra point, WOIO uses Megaphone’s web polls for their Hyundai Pigskin Poll of the Week. This week-long poll lives in the sports section of their website and is also featured every week within the Browns Tailgate show. All web polls can include a clickable sponsor’s logo as well as a pop-up offer.

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And WOIO wins with a game-ending drive with their High School Game of the Week poll, sponsored by Romeo’s Pizza. This week-long web poll includes a pop-up offer advertising Romeo’s Pizza of the Week.

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