RBB Antenne Launches Megaphone Radio During Euro 2020

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Radio | 0 comments

In 2020, RBB Germany became the first public broadcaster in Europe to engage viewers with Megaphone TV.  Now, in 2021, they have become the first broadcaster in Europe to launch Megaphone Radio with RBB Antenne Brandenburg.

RBB Antenne Brandenburg launched Megaphone Radio to engage listeners as part of their coverage of Euro 2020 football tournament. With this new platform, Megaphone helps grow audience engagement in a variety of ways.

On-Air Radio

  • Engages audience (Allow viewers to participate in the conversation)

  • Increases ratings (Extend listen times)

  • Increases revenue (Sponsorship integration)

  • Insights (Analytic data offers viewer demographics)


  • Drives traffic to radio broadcaster’s website

  • Extend user engagement time with Pop-Up Offers (Promotions)

  • Lead generation for both broadcaster and sponsor