Megaphone Drives Transactions for Sports Betting Operators

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 Industry trend: Sports Betting

Sports betting is quickly becoming a lifeline for broadcasters.  The gambling category began to pick up serious steam last year in Q3 and it has continued to grow.

Unlike the infusion of political dollars that flows during election years, revenue from sports betting is stable, predictable and reliable. Each state has its own regulations which means that the major players make targeted local buys.

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For online gambling, connecting your broadcast audience directly to their digital property is the number one priority. 

  • Megaphone is your bridge connecting broadcast with digital

  • Moreover, Megaphone is an active experience

Viewers participate with your content. They click on polls, they play trivia and they engage with social experiences. And Megaphone has a proven track record for converting that “social discussion” into “brand interactions” in the betting category.

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Conversation Leads to Conversion

Discussion Drives Transactions For Sports Betting Operators

  • Your audience wants to participate in the conversation 

  • Your advertisers want to connect with that authentic “content discussion”

  • Use Megaphone’s suite of Pop-up offers to convert “social discussion” into “brand interactions”

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