Swarovski Dazzles with ABC’s On The Red Carpet

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Awards Show, Megaphone Updates, Sponsorship & Advertising | 0 comments

If there was an Oscar for Best Interactivity on the red carpet it would go to our friends at ABC and Swarovski. The 2021 On The Red Carpet At The Oscars special was a masterclass in viewer engagement for a marquee live event.

Before The Awards

ABC’s pre-awards coverage featured trivia to test the knowledge of Oscar super-fans. With audience retention in mind, questions were asked before commercials with the answers revealed after the break.


After The Awards

In their post-Oscars coverage, ABC used Megaphone polls to gauge fan reaction. Questions reflected the authentic social conversation.


Pop-Up Offers with Video

After voting in a poll or answering a trivia question, viewers received a Megaphone pop-up offer in their device that played a 15 second Swarovski commercial and linked to their site.

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 1.08.19 PM.png

✔ Social Voting

During big events, sponsors want to be connected with the social conversation. More importantly, broadcasters want to bring that social traffic to their website.

ABC flawlessly executed Megaphone Social Voting tactics: 

  • > Sharing the link to the ABC voting page on social

  • > Including a bold image to get attention

  • > Tagging Swarovski in those social posts