Megaphone Drives Newsletter Sign-Ups

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Megaphone Updates, Products | 0 comments

Megaphone TV’s Pop-Up Offers allow you to convert passive participants into active subscribers.

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Email newsletters may seem old school, but forward-thinking broadcasters are prioritizing the growth of mailing lists. In fact, 21% of people in the US access news via email every week.

Email newsletters allow you to build a direct relationship with your viewers. Newsletter subscribers are more educated, more affluent, more engaged.  Email newsletters build habit and loyalty; offering the most promising leads when it comes to conversion and retention.

Pro Tip:  Incentivize your audience

One of the most effective ways to increase your newsletter registration is through contests. By offering a prize, you incentivize viewers to share their information. Megaphone TV’s Pop-Up Offers can be used to drive traffic to your contests.

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To learn more about Pop-Up Offers and Newsletter Registration, please contact your Megaphone representative.