Megaphone TV Now Integrates with THEOplayer!

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, Products, Streaming, Video | 0 comments

THEOplayer is the world’s #1 online video player.

Megaphone TV is proud to announce that our Emmy-winning audience engagement and interactive content platform now integrates directly with THEOplayer -the world’s #1 online video player. 


This means that it’s easier than ever to launch Megaphone TV’s real-time HTML 5 polls, quizzes, and social content on your company website or app and drive audience engagement no matter what device your viewers use.

Integration with THEOplayer is part of our commitment to remove any technical barriers that stand in the way of broadcasters benefiting from the advertising and sponsorship revenue opportunities that Megaphone TV provides.

THEO Technologies’ industry-leading video player – THEOplayer – lets anyone deliver high-quality video across all platforms and devices with an incredible viewing experience that audiences and advertisers love.

THEOplayer’s compatibility with low-latency streaming protocols, LL-DASH and LL-HLS, as well as ultra-low latency streaming with High-Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), makes them an ideal video player when delivering Megaphone TV’s real-time content.

We want to thank the team at THEO for helping make this integration possible, and we invite all THEOplayer users to experience Megaphone TV firsthand!