📣 Top Interactive News Stories of 2020

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When controversy hits the headlines, local and national news organizations across the country use MEGAPHONE TV’s live polling suite to measure audience sentiment in real-time. Using that data, Megaphone TV has identified the Top Three Stories of 2020 that generated the most interactive viewer engagement:

  1. #1 COVID Pandemic

  2. #2 Election 2020

  3. #3 Black Lives Matter Movement

  4. Honorable Mention: Football (Super Bowl + NFL + High School + NCAA)

*Source: Megaphone Studio

There were few surprises on the list of the Top Interactive News Stories of The Year. The COVID pandemic affected everyone and news polling allowed viewers to share their thoughts throughout the year on a variety of subjects; from masks to vaccines to financial uncertainty. 

The Top News Poll of 2020

The news poll with the highest engagement of 2020 occurred during the middle of the first lockdown. Immediately following Governor Brian Kemp’s announcement that Georgia businesses would reopen by April 24th, 11 Alive Atlanta launched a poll asking viewers, Do you agree with Gov Kemp’s decision to ease restrictions? Thanks to social voting, the poll received over 90,000 votes.

The runner-up for the news poll of the year comes from the team at FOX 5 DC, which engaged tens of thousands of viewers when they asked, Should police in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland be defunded? 

Congratulations to everyone at 11 Alive and Fox 5 DC for being 2020’s Top MegaStars!