RBB, Germany’s Leading Public Broadcaster, Celebrates Success with Megaphone TV

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates | 0 comments


In 2020, RBB Germany became the first public broadcaster in Europe to engage viewers with Megaphone TV. As they celebrate their first anniversary of interactive television, RBB’s producers are excited to create more innovative content. 

In April, as the COVID pandemic spread across Europe RBB used Megaphone’s interactive polling suite to give thousands of viewers an opportunity to share their thoughts on Germany’s lockdown restrictions.  In the ensuing months, over 150,000 users have participated in surveys on meinrbb.de, with a participation rate of up to 4% of all viewers of a program.

Megaphone is an integral part of RBB’s live town halls with up to 5000 viewers regularly using the voting tool to participate directly in these broadcasts. 

RBB cites the ability to share the audience’s opinions in real-time as a benefit to the production. 

Absolutely simple usability. It’s the fastest electronic survey tool I know.
— Thomas Baumann, RBB Head of Talkshows

In mere moments, the moderator and the editorial team know their viewers’ opinions and they can instantly confront studio guests. Moreover, after a controversial discussion with strong arguments, the show can see if viewers have changed their opinions via a renewed vote.

Head of Talkshows at RBB, Thomas Baumann cites the “absolutely simple usability” and the ability to spontaneously formulate questions during the broadcast, “It’s the fastest electronic survey tool I know.”

Megaphone congratulates RBB on their first year of interactivity and looks forward to seeing their accomplishments in 2021.

Source: Interactive TV: From viewer to co-creator with meinrbb.de