Can You Predict The Playoffs? Win $50,000 With Sportsnet

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Megaphone Updates, Sports | 0 comments

With historic enthusiasm, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are back, and viewers can win $50,000 with Sportsnet powered by Megaphone TV.


  1. At game time, open the Sportsnet App and click ‘Contest’ or play along at
  2. Choose the live game you want to play.
  3. Questions are only live for a short amount of time. Be quick with your predictions!
  4. There are multiple questions per game. Look out for them in the app and browser at the start of each period and commercial breaks throughout the game. Questions may appear pre-game and during intermissions as well.


A Broadcast, Digital, and Social Power Play

Sportsnet uses broadcast and digital inventory to promote Predict The Playoffs, including:

  • Digital ads within articles
  • Twitter and Facebook posts using Megaphone Studio’s Social Share feature
  • Broadcast promos throughout all dayparts


And The Winner Is …

Sports Fans! Hockey viewers receive a lean-forward experience, increasing enthusiasm for the games. The results are:

  • increased tune-in
  • longer view time
  • massively increased traffic to the Sportsnet app and website