SNY Strike An Interactive Sponsorship with Ford and The NY Mets

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Megaphone Updates, Sponsorship & Advertising, Sports | 0 comments

The 2020 MLB Season was unique for many reasons. Through an interactive partnership with Megaphone, Sportsnet New York (SNY) and The NY Mets changed the game for 2020 and future seasons. Debuting the in-game Megaphone Poll presented by Ford, viewers had their opportunity to make predictions, voice opinions, and share hot takes.

Ford was one of the beneficiaries receiving increased audio mentions, broadcast logo placement, and increased traffic to local dealerships in collaboration with Megaphone’s Pop-up Offer and Ford’s GPS Dealer Locator.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.24.26 PM.png

Mets Pregame also looked different this year with the addition of The Pregame Poll Presented by Twisted Tea. The campaign’s goal was to increase awareness of the new for 2020 Twisted delivery service by local NYC distributers. After voting in a poll, fans were instantly connected with a home delivery service. Let’s just say the Mets fans got twisted all season long. Impressive work by the SNY teams!


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