Roll Clip: The Walking Dead World Beyond Kickoff Party

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Megaphone Updates, Products, StreamClick, StreamClick Studio, Video | 0 comments

The Walking Dead franchise has continued its long term partnership with Megaphone for the virtual World Beyond Cast Kickoff Party. Stars from the show joined from around the world using StreamClick Studio. During this sneak preview, there were some surprise appearances from across the TWD Universe as well as a look at the new series.

One highlight was StreamClick Studio’s integrated Roll Clip feature, which allows the Walking Dead producers to play .mp4 clips off a local computer and share images for all participants to see and react to it. Not only can the cast see the clip rolled by producers, but they can also see each other. This is key when producing comedic or dramatic content because emotion is contagious, so seeing the participants’ reactions permits other guests to react.

Cheers to the premiere of The World Beyond on AMC. We’re fans already!