3 Ideas for February: Super Bowl + Oscars + Politics = Big Engagement

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February is a huge month for politics and marquee live events

Polls that discuss national politics consistently drive the highest engagement across the country

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Video: Impeachment Coverage


The Super Bowl and the Oscars are the #1 and #2 broadcast events every year

Link: Case Studies: Awards Shows

BEFORE  (Build Hype)

Predictions: Who will be the biggest winners?

Performances: Remember that viewers tune into the Super Bowl and the Oscars for the performances so engage viewers with halftime show

Tune-In: Be sure to include tune-in details for either your broadcast or your post-game coverage

DURING  (Join The Conversation) 

Virtual Watch Party: Use Megaphone to create a second screen experience that you promote on social and using your app

Pro Tips: Time your engagement around natural breaks in the action such as commercials or halftime and have the graphic assets (ie. logos, headshots) preloaded into your Media Gallery

AFTER  (Tap Into Audience Sentiment)

Reactions: Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that tap into the actual mood of the viewers.


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