Today’s Forecast: 100% Chance of Innovative Weather with Megaphone TV

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Weather remains the Number One reason why viewers tune in to local news.  Megaphone TV’s polling and trivia allow you to differentiate your weather coverage from your competition while increasing revenue and promoting your station’s top marketing priorities.

Link: Megaphone 101: Weather


Everyone has an opinion about the weather. So bring your viewers into the conversation by using Megaphone polls.

Polls can be geared around big weather events and hot-button issues (such as climate change) or you can create daily, sponsored features such as:

  • Rate the Weather

  • Predict Today’s High Temperature

Link: WABC NY: Would You Rather Freeze or Sweat?

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Create a daily or weekly weather trivia segment to engage your viewers. Drive participation by offering a prize from your weather sponsor OR reward viewers with station-branded promotional items such as an umbrella or a mug.

Link:  WHIO Dayton: Weather Trivia

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Megaphone users are hyper-engaged fans of local news and more importantly, they are fans of your brand. Megaphone TV’s Pop-Up Offers allow you to use polling and trivia as a way to generate qualified leads for your sponsors or your marketing team. Prompt viewers to:

  • Enter a contest

  • Sign up for a coupon

  • Download your weather app

  • Subscribe to your newsletter

Link: Megaphone 101: Pop-up Offers 

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