Election 2020: Vote Now

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Megaphone is introducing Election 2020: Vote Now,  an ongoing series to help your broadcasts win the 2020 Election with your viewers. We’ll be sharing proven strategies to amplify your audience before, during, and after the historic election cycle.  

Our first case study comes from our nation’s capital at WJLA in Washington DC. As the ABC Network hosted the 3rd Democratic Debate, WJLA had the unique opportunity to promote their 11 pm news which directly followed the prime time political event. 

Before and during the network debate, WJLA used Push Alerts in the ABC7-WJLA App to promote the debate, their post-debate newscast and to drive user engagement. By strategically tailoring their push alerts, they generated thousands of web visits to wjla.com/votenow and increased tune-in to the 11 pm newscast. 

During the 11 pm newscast, WJLA incorporated interactive journalism into their debate coverage. At the most basic level, interactive journalism is M.O.S. reporting for the 21st century. Instead of simply reporting on the debate, WJLA led their newscast with the live insta-poll to instantly measure reaction from their entire audience with real-time results. Newsrooms across the country are using Megaphone polling as an alternative to traditional M.O.S. reporting. Instead of clipping random passersby who may not have watched the debate, WJLA was able to gauge the reaction of their entire, informed audience.

Congrats to the WJLA team on their terrific political coverage. Please follow our social feeds and this space for our soon to be released Megaphone 101: Elections Playbook.