High School Football is back with Megaphone

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, Sponsorship & Advertising, Sports | 0 comments

High School Football is back and adding Megaphone to your coverage will:

  • Add thousands of website visitors

  • Increase sponsorship dollars with advertiser friendly content

  • Force a tune-in element as attractive younger demos flock to a broadcaster’s sportscast for final results

Popular content includes:

  • Game of the Week

  • Play of the Week

  • Fans of the Week

  • Band of the Week

MegaStar Proven Strategies

  • Create an interactive experience that engages a highly-motivated audience on air, online and in social 

  • Tease the reveal of the poll results in your broadcast to create a force-tune element

  • Use social to increase participation and drive traffic to your website

  • Pro Tips: 

    • Tag the schools’ social accounts to create viral voting

    • Maximize social reach using accounts from your station, sports team, and hosts

  • Use Megaphone’s suite of Pop-up Offers to promote your fall programming priorities or create new conversion opportunities for sponsors

Great job by WESH-TV in Orlando on a winning season!