Advanced Analytics: Engagement Reports and Audience

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Link: Megaphone 101: Reports

Link: Megaphone 101: Reports

The new self-serve Advanced Analytics can be found under the Reports Tab in Megaphone Studio.

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The new Engagement Reports tab gives instant access to total usage statistics for your deployment including:

  • Unique Users (Reach)

  • Total Runs (Frequency)

  • User Engagement Time

Megaphone 101_ Reports (1).png

The new Audience tab gives users self-serve access to demographic information including:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Location

Audience also give you advanced insights into your Megaphone users.

  • Affinity identifies your viewers’ interests broken down into lifestyle content categories

Megaphone 101_ Reports (1) (1).png

In Market Segments identifies your viewers’ purchasing intent

  • Data includes products and services for which your viewers are actively searching

Megaphone 101_ Reports (2).png

For more information on Megaphone Studio Reports, check out Megaphone 101: Reports or contact your Megaphone Producer.