Megaphone MegaStars: WABC New York

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

MEGAPHONE TV’s MegaStars program shines a spotlight on the ways that broadcasters are using interactivity in their shows and at their stations. We want to applaud and share noteworthy features and segments from across the Megaphone family.

Our newest MegaStars are from WABC New York.

As Megphone’s broadcast partners have demonstrated, the most innovative stations across the country are using Interactive Journalism to enhance their coverage and engage their audience. A recent TV News Check article outlined how interactive journalism is expanding in broadcast news.

One of the most fundamental ways in which stations are using interactive journalism is what we refer to as “M.O.S. reporting for the 21st Century”. After President Trump declared a national emergency along the southern border, WABC-New York led their noon news with a poll asking viewers to share their opinions. Instead of clipping random passersby who may have been hearing the news for the first time, WABC was able to instantly gauge reaction from their entire audience, live with real-time results.

Video Link: WABC New York: National Emergency

More Info: TV News Check: Interactive Journalism 

WABC has also been a leader in Sports Polling with sponsorship. Stations are looking for additional streams of revenue and sports polling allows newsrooms to do consistent interaction while avoiding editorial conflicts. WABC’s weekly Field Forecast segment, sponsored by Spectrum Mobile, allows viewers to join their sports anchor in predicting the winner of the weekend’s big game.

To say thank you to WABC New York, MEGAPHONE TV is sending them a $200 Visa Gift Card to buy lunch for the team.

Remember, we are always looking for examples of:

  • Great interactive content

  • Strong payoff (audience participation affects a show in an impactful way)

  • Unique and engaging sponsorship or contesting

  • Technically innovative use of Megaphone in broadcast or live stream

If your team is using Megaphone in a cool or innovative way, email and you could be our next MegaStar!