New Pop-Up Offers turn viewers into buyers

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Megaphone Updates, Products | 0 comments

Megaphone TV has launched a new suite of transactional Pop-Up Offers, benefiting both your clients and your viewers.

After viewers vote, they can click-thru to a client’s website, enter a contest, download an app, or receive exclusive offers and discounts.


Megaphone users index highly as Value Shoppers and Bargain Hunters* so transactional offers deliver direct value to your viewers.

For your clients, Pop-Up Offers can connect social discussion to brand engagement, and convert engaged viewers into consumers.

Megaphone Pop-Up Offers are also ad-blocker resistant and have a higher click-thru rate (CTR) than the industry average:

  • Average Display Ad CTR: 0.05%**

  • Average Pop-Up Ad CTR: 3.09%***

  • Megaphone CTR: 6-11%****

For Case Studies and more information, check out Megaphone 101: Pop-Up Offers

To create your own Pop-Up Offer in Megaphone Studio, please reach out to your Megaphone Producer or contact  

*Source: Google Analytics
**Source: Smart Insights
****October-December 2018