Megaphone TV Reveals The Top Five Most Popular Interactive News Stories Of 2019

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Trump Impeachment tops this year’s list of top interactive live news polls

MEGAPHONE TV remains broadcast industry’s leading Viewer Engagement Platform bringing live polling to over 80 news organizations worldwide

2019 was a divisive year politically. The year began with the longest government shutdown in US history and it draws to a close on the road to impeachment.  

When controversy hits the headlines, over 80 local and national news organizations across the country use MEGAPHONE TV’s live polling suite to measure audience sentiment in real-time. Using that data, Megaphone TV has identified the Top Five Stories of 2019 that generated the most interactive viewer engagement:

  1. Trump Impeachment 

  2. Immigration/Border Wall

  3. High School Football

  4. Government Shutdown

  5. Abortion

*Source: Megaphone Studio

Video Link: Trump Impeachment Coverage: Megaphone TV

Starting on September 25th and continuing throughout the fall, stations across the country have enjoyed record-setting engagement levels when they survey their audience about the Trump impeachment proceedings. Megaphone TV Founder/CEO Dan Albritton explains:

“Our research shows that reaction to President Trump, both in support and in opposition, is the single greatest factor driving engagement in news polls. Polls that mention Trump by name reach significantly higher participation rates than those that merely mention the phrase ‘Impeachment Inquiry’. As we head into the 2020 election cycle, we anticipate that Trump will continue to be the leading factor that motivates audience engagement.”

It is interesting to note that the one outlier on Megaphone TV’s list is High School Football. News stations across the country have seen large spikes in engagement throughout the fall as they allow viewers to select their Game of the Week, Band of the Week, Play of the Week, even Cheer Squad of the Week.

“This goes to show you that local storytelling matters,” explains Albritton. “High school football connects directly to the heart of communities. Politics certainly dominates the national conversation, but it’s important to find new ways to engage viewers at a local level. And leaning into high school football is a great way to accomplish that goal.”