AMC’s “Talking Dead” Returns for Season 10 With Megaphone

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

AMC’s “Talking Dead” launches Season 10 and continues to be the participation TV vanguard with Megaphone’s live polling and trivia with new superfan prize packages.

Chris Hardwick hosts “Talking Dead,” the after-show for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” franchise that serves as a platform for fans to further discuss the enormously popular zombie apocalypse shows. “Talking Dead” airs live immediately following Sunday night presentations of “The Walking Dead” and features Hardwick recapping the most recent episode, talking with fans, actors and producers, and taking questions and comments from viewers.

During the live show, Megaphone gives fans the opportunity to:

  • VOTE: live TV opinion polls

  • COMPETE: “The Walking Dead” trivia

  • WIN: deluxe prize packages including items signed by the cast

Congrats on a new season launch of the “Talking Dead!”