ATV’s “Mi Gente Dice” brings game show interactivity to a Whole new level

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Megaphone Updates, Sponsorship & Advertising | 0 comments

Albavision Peru (ATV) has launched “Mi Gente Dice,” a daily game show that airs from Monday to Friday. The show is their licensed version of “Family Feud,” with a heavy focus on audience participation for the viewers at home.

Megaphone’s viewer engagement plays a significant part in the production of the show, including:

  • TRIVIA: a parallel game that viewers can play along with at home without on-air spoilers.

  • PREDICTION: Live broadcast polling where viewers can collectively make predictions about the results of the show.

  • REVENUE: trivia and polls include pop-up offers from the sponsors of the show.

  • SOCIAL: on-air Social to TV features that bring their Facebook and Instagram feeds to the forefront.

  • E-MAIL CAPTURE: Feedback forms that allow viewers to suggest questions to appear on future shows.

  • PROMO: mobile application forms for viewers to appear as contestants in future episodes of the show.

Play along every weeknight on ATV Peru!

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