TVNewsCheck: Stations Use Megaphone TV To Amplify News Ratings

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Local TV news broadcast companies all around the country are using Megaphone TV on social and on-air to grow and hold viewers during their newscasts. This was the focus of a recent article on TVNewsCheck; an online media outlet focused on “The Business of Broadcast.”

The article features interviews with Rhonda LaVelle, News Director for WXYZ Detroit; Jamie MacDonald, Megaphone TV’s VP of Broadcast Solutions; and Paul Schmidt, Megaphone TV’s Executive Producer.

LaVelle explains how Megaphone TV is used via Facebook Live streaming every Wednesday morning to allow viewers to vote on what they feel is the “Big Story.” WXYZ then produces a detailed segment based on the results later the same day. MacDonald and Schmidt use this and other anecdotes to show how Megaphone TV works as “a bridge between the on air broadcast and the broadcaster’s social and digital feed,” and how the platform “helps ratings by keeping people tuned in longer within a show.”

You can read the full article on by clicking here.